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Welsh Wood Craft.

Grace your home with the natural beauty of wood. Each piece is a memory of Wales made here in the Conwy Valley.

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For the Love of Wood

Of the 70,000 different woods known to man, fewer than 400 are commercially available. Many of these are consumed in their country of origin and not exported to other parts of the world.

The surface on a piece of timber, known as the figure, results from the interactions of several natural features.

They include the difference in density between earlywood and latewood cells; the quantity of growth rings; the natural pigments and markings in the structure; the reactions of the tree to the effects of tension or compression due to external forces during its life; contortions and knots, swollen butts or limbs, and the stunted growth of burrs or burls.

These natural features, combined with a variety of grain types, and the method of the cut, produce the figure.


Individually and uniquely hand carved ' relief ' Sculptures and

Objet d'art.

Lady in black walnut. (
approx. 2ft. high)

Green man.(approx. 2ft. dia.)

Green man.(approx. 2ft. wide.)

Custom made furniture.

Commissions welcome.

Bowls , Platters, Candlesticks, Jardiniere's, Troughs/Planters.

All distinctively created from a variety of beautifully-grained local wood.


Rocking Horses:

Tomorrow's heirlooms.

Hand carved in natural Pine, with various finishes.

Leather tack, and real horse-hair manes/tails.

Sturdy swing-frames.

The rocking horses are made to order and a deposit is required.

Contact us at:

Welsh Wood Craft.

Tal y Cafn
North Wales
E-mail Welsh-Wood-Craft

viewing by appointment only.

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