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Colwyn Bay Promenade Colwyn Bay Conwy_County Wales
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A view from Colwyn Bay Promenade toward Rhos Point and Rhos Harbour in Rhos-on-Sea. It is a pleasant walk any time of year walking along Colwyn Bay promenade. The full walk, from Rhos Point to the Old Colwyn Railway Viaduct and back again to Rhos Point, is just 5 miles. If the tide is out you could probably cut the corner and save a half mile or so each way. On the walk you will pass beneath the Victorian Colwyn Bay Pier. The old pier has seen better days ..much better days, and I would imagine its days are numbered. If the tide is out it is worth keeping your eyes open for the remains of the ancient fishing weir close to the Cayley Embankment at Rhos on Sea. The old fish traps were used for thousands of years and the monks of Rhos Fynach could teach us a thing or two about harnessing tidal power. Indeed another fishing weir close by at Rhos Point was in use up until the 20th Century. Indeed I have a friend whose dad caught fish at the Rhos Point fish trap.
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