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The Kymin is a National Trust property, situated in an elevated position overlooking Monmouth, the Wye Valley and the Usk plain, with views over to the Sugar Loaf and the Black Mountains beyond. The Kymin has always been a favourite picnic destination. In the eighteenth century, it played an important part in the local gentry's calendar, with the gentleman of Monmouth meeting here on Tuesdays for open air lunch parties. The weather was just as unpredictable as it is today, and in 1794 they collected 80 guineas to build a banqueting house as security from the inclemency of the weather. In the Round House, five windows look out over 10 of the old counties. For the price of 1 shilling and 6 old pennies, a party could eat in Banqueting room with a fresh white table cloth. A telescope was mounted on the flat roof above. The popularity of the Round House and grounds continued to grow; a bowling green was laid, a carriageway built and a number of walks with seats and vistas were created. The Naval Temple was opened in 1801 as a monument to several British admirals, including Admiral Lord Nelson, who visited the site the year after it was built. He came by river from near Ross-on-Wye, and it seems he liked the monument. Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square was built a few years later. The people of Monmouth donated The Kymin and the Navel Temple to the National Trust in 1902.
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