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Shifnal Shropshire England
Admission is free to the museum in the West Midlands, which houses 70 aircraft and is home to War Planes, Missiles, Transport & Training and Research & Development collections. The National Cold War Exhibition with its interactive kiosks and hotspots gives visitors a chance to see what life was like behind the Iron Curtain. Set in scenic Shropshire, the Royal Air Force Museum's Cosford site is vast and it is really impossible to see everything in just one visit. Here are some suggestions about what you could fit into a short and a longer visit: The National Cold War Exhibition Collection- Explore the immense threat posed to World peace and security during this significant period of the 20th century. Research and Development Collection- Visit some of the World's most exotic aircraft. War Planes Collection- The display includes British, German, American, Japanese and Argentinian aircraft, all with an important place in the development of military aviation. Transport and Training Aircraft Collection- See airliners and RAF transport aircraft, engines and missiles. History of the Royal Air Force Gallery- This gallery offers a timeline of RAF history, presented in the context of world aviation and significant socio/economic and historical events.
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