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Black Mountain Llanddeusant Carmarthenshire Wales
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Llyn y Fan Fach (Welsh: lake of the small hill or mountain) is a dammed lake to the west of the Black Mountain range in the Brecon Beacons National Park in Carmarthenshire, South Wales.| The Beacon’s Way National Trail passes close by the lake and the path offers fine views of both the lake and the Brecon Beacon’s National Park.| The lake is the setting of one of Wales's most famous legends: One day a young farmer boy passed Llyn y Fan Fach, when he saw a beautiful girl in the lake. He fell in love with her immediately and persuaded her to come to shore and marry him. The girl consented, but on two conditions: the first that he must never strike her more than three times and secondly, that he must never tell anyone of where she came from. The farmer agreed and she came to land and married him. The farmer prospered from the increase in his sheep and goats, and he and his wife went on to have five sons together. However, at times the farmer became angry towards her and hit her. The third time he struck his wife; she turned and walked back into the lake, with all the farm animals following her. | The five sons were deeply saddened by this, but one day as they were all walking beside the lake, their mother appeared to them, and told them a cure for illnesses. They became known as the Physicians of Myddfai, and their descendants went on to become doctors.
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