Greenfield Valley Heritage Park Holywell Flintshire Wales
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The Greenfield Mills ruins lie in the Greenfield Valley, Holywell, North Wales. The Battery Works at Greenfield Mill were established in 1776. Local people were employed to ‘batter’ pots and pans from brass sheets held beneath heavy tilt hammers. | In the 1780’s the Greenfield Copper and Brass Company, owned by Thomas Williams, the so called ‘Copper King’ of North Wales, took over the site. | Next to the Battery Factory are the ruins of Battery Row, where many of the employees would have lived. The Battery Factory lies next to the Battery Pond and the remains include sandstone foundations, a wheel, battery and annealing pits. There are later rolling mills. | The Battery Works have a poignant history. The goods were exported from Liverpool to Africa and used to buy slaves who were then taken to America to work in the cotton fields. The cotton was then brought back for processing in the Lower Cotton Mill ensuring that the ships always had a full cargo. Hmmm, it seems the Copper King was not such a nice person.
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