Llyn Peninsula Llanaelhaearn Gwynedd Wales
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Within the graveyard of LLanaelaearn Church in Gwynedd, West Wales, to the right of the path to the church door, can be found a roughly hewn pillar stone inscribed vertically in Roman capitals. Known as the Mellitus Stone the inscription reads: ME.LIT.V(S) (lies here).| This is an important early Christian stone as it is thought to be in its original position. Another stone of similar size has been built into the wall by the door, but there is no sign of of marks or inscriptions. Another stone marked with an M is built into the outer face of the churchyard wall, above and to the left of a very large stone opposite the last house in the terrace.| Within the church, on a wall in the north transept can be found an early Christian inscribed stone. The stone was found in a field called Saint's Garden in 1865. It is a pillar stone 1.3m high, with a two line vertical inscription in Roman capitals. | It dates to the 5th or 6th century and reads- ALIORTVS ELMETIACO(S) HIC IACIT or "Aliortus a man of Elmet lies here". Elmet is the district around Leeds in England, an independent kingdom in 5th Century Britain. The stone shows the persistence of local loyalties even when people had travelled far from home.
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