Llyn Peninsula Llanbedrog Gwynedd Wales
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The Tin man is a statue on the headland of Mynydd Tir-y-cwmwd at Llanbedrog, Gwynedd, North Wales. The Tin-Man replaces an earlier Tinman or “Ironman” that itself replaced an earlier “wooden man” that was a figurehead from a ship. | The statue overlooks Llanbedrog beach and invites exploration from the holidaymakers below. This however necessitates a climb of some two hundred steps …and not very good steps at that. Personally, I do not think the Tinman is worth the effort of the climb, and it might be a disappointment to many, however this is more than made up for by the fabulous views from the hilltop. | The original Tinman was designed by Simon van de Put an artist/sculptor living in Lanbedrog during the 1980’s. Another of Van de Puts’ creations, a statue of Owain Glyndwr was located in the square in Corwen, North Wales. It was a source of much controversy and was a terrible representation of Wales’ national hero and looked like a dwarf wearing Wellington boots made out of cast iron drainpipes. The statue (Corwen) became a target for vandals with white paint thrown over it only a week after its unveiling in April 1995. It was eventually removed from the square after being continually vandalised. (I seem to remember that the statue was once “kidnapped” and put on a bus out of town). | Except for its height (the Llanbedrog Tinman was of normal stature) one could say that the Llanbedrog Tinman looked very similar to the Corwen Tin man, even down to the same style of wellington boots made out of cast iron drainpipes. |
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