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Llanina New Quay Ceredigion Wales
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Church of St Ina, Llanina, Llanllwchaiarn near New Quay. This lovely little church is dedicated to St Ina, a King of Wessex who reigned from 688 to 726 AD. Ina founded the Abbey at Glastonbury and the Cathedral at Wells. It might seem strange to have a church on the west coast of Wales dedicated to a Saxon King, but the story goes that the king was shipwrecked while sailing in the Irish Sea and rescued and looked after by the local community. Out of gratitude for his deliverance, he built the first church near here. That church was lost to coastal erosion and this is at least the third, possibly the seventh on or near the site. King Ina abdicated in 726 AD and with his wife, Ethelburga, made a pilgrimage to Rome, and was later canonised. The church was rebuilt in 1850 and restored in 1905. The church is one of the smallest churches in Ceredigion, it can accommodate up to eighty worshippers.
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