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Pembroke Pembrokeshire Wales
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Pembroke Castle was founded by the Normans in the 11th Century. The original fortress, a wooden structure, was built by Roger de Montgomery in the 11th Century and the present castle was built by William Marshal Earl of Pembroke and his sons between 1189 - 1245. It was built to subdugate the Welsh and also served as a springboard for the Norman campaigns against the Irish. With walls up to 19ft - 6m thick and a 75ft - 23m high tower the castle proved to be a great success, having never fallen to the Welsh during it's turbulent history. In 1648 however during the Civil War the castle was captured by Oliver Cromwell's army who set about destroying the town's and the castle's defences. Fortunately the walls were strong enough to withstand the efforts of the Cromwells's army and enough of the Castle was left to enable rebuilding and restoration of the castle throughout the 19th and 20th Century. The castle is renowned as the birthplace of Henry Tudor, King Henry VII of England in 1457. It has dominated the town for over 800 years and it is still an impressive site to this day.
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