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September 2007

Recent reports of ghostbusters looking for apparitions on the A541 road from Wrexham to Mold in north Wales prompts me to Headless man on the A525 St Asaph to Denbigh road Click to enlarge picture.suggest that the ghost hunters were on the wrong road. The Mold to Wrexham road is said to be north Wales most haunted road and a recent report in the Daily Post states that paranormal investigator Kevin Griffiths-Boden and a crew of scientific investigators had set up special equipment to monitor the road at Plas Teg Country House near Pontblyddyn, Flintshire. After several hours shivering through the small hours nothing paranormal was found.

My suggestion is that they found nothing as they may have been investigating the wrong road, as I took this picture of a headless apparition on the nearby A525 St Asaph to Denbigh road at about the same time as they were investigating the Mold - Wrexham road.
Our car was forced to a standstill for several minutes but we came to no harm other than the usual damage to the undercarriage of the car as is usual when driving through a bed of tar and loose chippings.

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