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Llangernyw, Conwy, North Wales.
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The Church of St Digain and The Ancient Yew Tree.

When I visited the Church in 1998 there was evidence of subsidence and they were about to commence repairs to the Church.

The local authority had supplied a plaque recognising the importance of the Ancient Yew Tree.
Being 4000 years old it is one of the oldest living things on the planet. You don't get much more important than that!
For those who like spooky stories, I kept getting a green glow from the heart of the tree when viewing the pictures.
nu nu, nu nu...........

Another spooky story concerning the Church at Llangernyw.from Richard Holland writing in the Daily Post.

"Perhaps the antiquity of the site explains the existence of a mysterious spirit which visited the church every Hallowe'en.

On this Night of the Dead, the voice belonging to the spirit, which was called "Angelystor", could be heard inside the church, intoning the names of all those of the parish who were doomed to die during the coming year.

The curious would settle themselves under the east window at midnight to satisfy themselves that they were not among those listed. One fateful Hallowe'en night a tailor, who fancied himself as a bit of a wit, drunkenly announced that he was going to prove that Angelystor was a myth.

Ignoring the warnings of his friends, the tailor, whose name was Sion Robert, left the pub and weaved his inebriated way to the church. Smirking, he leant his ear to the east window and promptly heard a grim and sonorous voice announce: "Sion ap Robert!". Sion's heart was clutched with fear and he blurted out, "Hold! Hold! I am not quite ready".

But, ready or not, Sion Robert died that year.

(Supernatural Clwyd by Richard Holland. Published by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, Llanrwst Conwy)

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The church is situated on the A548 between Abergele and Llanrwst in Llangernyw, Conwy, North Wales, UK. next to the Stag Inn and Restaurant.

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