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An introduction: "sermons in stones"

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St Marys
St Hillarys




Llanelian Church in the hills behind Colwyn Bay

" An ancient and beautiful church fulfils its primary function merely by existing. It is in itself, and irrespective of the numbers using it, an act of worship. A beautiful church...standing alone in the a perpetual reminder of spiritual values. In Shakespeare's phrase, such churches are "sermons in stones", and their message is delivered not for half an hour on Sundays but every hour of every day of the year and not merely to those who enter but to all who pass by."

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These words are taken from a booklet I aquired at St. Dyfnog's Church, Llanrhaeadr in North Wales. The author of the booklet the Rev. Hywel Davies had himself aquired them from a "Commission on Churches". And as the Rev. Davies said they will serve very well as preface to these all too brief and not at all complete or exhaustive notes.
A schoolboy of 14 from Boston Massachusetts (over here on a package tour) when asked what impressed him answered without hesitation "The churches, all those old churches. I don't mean the cathedrals... I sort of expected them. But I didn't know about all those little village churches - why there beautiful. We don,t have anything like that back home anywhere. You seem to have them all over the place. They're wonderful."
St Bodfan's Church near Barmouth The church of St Bodfan, Llanaber.
The 13th century tower of St. Dyfnog's, Llanrhaeadr. St Dyfnog's Church Llanrhaeadr
Llangelunin Church and Holy Well, above the Conwy Valley Llangelynin Church near Rowen.

The history of the Churches could be said to be a large part of the history of Wales. The two are so closely knit.
The prehistoric Standing Stones, the Ancient Burial Chambers, the Hill Forts, and later the Castles and Churches of Wales. These are the remains, the bones, and also the monuments, the "tablets of stone" on which earlier people wrote.

The Churches of Wales are many and beautiful. Here are just a few. Please visit the individual churches by following "next" at the bottom of each page.

Most of the sites concentrate on the external views, and hopefully you will be tempted to visit the churches to see the beauty of the internal architecture.

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Llandrillo-yn-Rhos Church in Rhos on Sea St Dyfnog's Church Llanrhaeadr Llandrillo-yn-Rhos Church in Rhos on Sea

St Bodfan's Church near Barmouth St Dyfnog's Church Llanrhaeadr Llangelunin Church and Holy Well, above the Conwy Valley

Beautiful is the large church
With stately arch and steeple.
Neighbourly is the small church
With groups of friendly people,
Reverent is the old church
With centuries of grace,
And a wooden church or a stone church
Can hold an altar place,
And whether it be a rich church,
Or a poor church anywhere,
Truly it is a great church
If God is worshipped there.

St Dyfnog's Church and Holy Well, Llanrhaeadr. | Llandrillo yn Rhos Church, Rhos on Sea | St. Bodfan's Church, Barmouth. | The Llanaber Stones, Barmouth | St Digain's Church, and 4000 yr. old yew tree, Llangernyw, Conwy | Llangelynin Church and Holy Well, near Rowen in the Conwy Valley | Llanrhos Church between Llandudno and Deganwy | St Cattwg's Church, Port Eynon Gower, South Wales | Chapel of St Trillo, Rhos on Sea |  St Gwyddelan's Church, Dolwyddelan | St Tudno's Church Great Orme , Llandudno | Penmachno Church and Inscribed Stones | Llanrhychwyn Church | Penmon Priory and St Seiriol's Holy Well | St Cwyfan's Church, Anglesey | St Beuno's Church  | Llaneilian Church, Amlwch | St Tysilio's Church, Church Island  | St Cybis Church, Holyhead |





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