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Where is it?
Offa's Dyke Path is a National Trail that stretches through the border country of England and Wales, from the Severn estuary near Chepstow in the south to the Irish Sea  at Prestatyn in the north. The trail includes the lower Wye valley, the Black Mountains, the Shropshire Hills, and the Clwydian Range of montains.
How long will it take ? : The walk is approximately 177miles / 285 kilometres and the time taken to complete the Trail can vary from four days to the  more typical two weeks, depending on your fitness and your intentions.
Directions :   [ Map of Offa's Dyke Path location  ]   Map opens in a new window

A fantastic walk from sea to shiny sea. The Offas Dyke National Trail from the Severn Estuary to the Irish Sea.
Offa's Dyke is a great frontier earthwork built by Offa, King of Mercia from 757 to 796 A.D. However the Click on the towns to find accommodation near the Offa's Dyke PathOffa’s Dyke Path is of rather more recent origins being first listed as a long distance route in 1949 then being officially opened on behalf of the Countryside Commission as the Offa's Dyke National Trail in 1971.
Offa was arguably the most powerful and successful of the Anglo-Saxon kings and was often in conflict with the Welsh. There was a battle between the Mercians and the Welsh at Hereford in 760 AD, and Offa campaigned against the Welsh in 778, 784 and 796. Understandably Offa would wish to stop the Welsh incursions and thus came about the massive linear earthwork, now known as Offa's Dyke. The trail roughly follows some of the current border between Wales and England (and indeed crosses from one country to the other 9 times) and in places it is up to 65 feet wide and the height from the bottom of the ditch to the top of the bank is up to 20 feet.

The Path runs for 177 miles from Sedbury Cliffs on the Severn Estuary near Chepstow to the North Wales resort of Prestatyn where it dips it's toes into the Irish Sea. For 70 of these miles it follows the course of the Offa's Dyke earthwork.
Remarkably much of the Dyke is still traceable along the route from the Wye valley in the south to Wrexham in the north, and in places it still retains most of its original impressive dimensions.

But the walk is not just about Offas Dyke. In the south you will enjoy fabulous views of the meandering River Wye and the limestone escarpments, leading to the Black mountains of Wales. Some say that the earth bank is at it's most impressive close to the border town of Knighton. Further north, on the home run so to speak, the path climbs the beautiful purple heather covered rolling hills of Shropshire, those blue remembered hills. And then on to the Clwyd Hills with fantastic views of the Cheshire plain and the beautiful Vale of Clwyd.
And all the while passing an abundance of historic market towns, ancient churches and mediaeval castles.

Unlike the other walks on the www.walesdirectory.co.uk I will not be giving directions for this walk. Firstly because it would need a book to describe the complete route and secondly because I have not actually walked the Offa's Dyke Path..... yet !

I will however be posting a map of the route on this page very soon. The map, beside showing the route, has links to  holiday cottage and hotel and bed and breakfast accommodation along the walk where you may make instant online bookings. I would strongly advise planning the stages and booking accommodation well in advance for this walk as it is just not worth the risk of attempting to find accommodation on the day.

Being a National Trail the Offa's Dyke Path is well sign posted but it is common sense to take an OS map to guide you on your way.

Should you be considering a holiday in the Welsh Border country but don't fancy walking the whole of the Offa's Dyke Path then please go to this page for a map showing cottages to let in the Borders and with further information about the Castles and history of the Welsh Borders and the Offa's Dyke Path >


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