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Talacre, Flintshire
Talacre is a village on the Dee estuary in Flintshire, North Wales. It lies on the North Wales coast close to Point of Ayr and is most well known as a seaside resort particularly for caravan holiday parks.
Picture of Talacre
Talacre has a long sandy beach stretching from the Dee estuary through Barkby beach to Prestatyn beach. The beach is backed up by sand dunes, which are an Area of Special Scientific Interest - being a successful breeding ground for rare natterjack toads. Dogs are allowed on the beach and facilities nearby include a number of seaside amusements, cafes, pubs and toilets. Parking is a short walk from the beach.
To the east of the village lies the Dee Estuary - Point of Ayr RSPB nature reserve. Bird watchers will appreciate visiting the reserve during the winter months, when, at high tide, the thousands of feeding birds are forced by the rising waters onto the salt marshes close to the shore.
Dee Estuary RSPB Reserve
The Talacre dunes nearby are also popular with bird watchers, and the beach offers possibilities for sighting migrating Terns, Gannets, Skuas, Leach's Petrel, Kittiwakes and other visitors to the Dee estuary and the Irish Sea.
Close by stands the now redundant Point of Ayr lighthouse, having been replaced as a lighthouse in 1883 with a lightship. There have been many stories of ghostly apparitions on Talacre beach and the most common ghost sighting is that of the lighthouse keeper, wearing a coat and cap standing on the lighthouse gallery walkway. A walk along the beach may cause consternation among some when the lighthouse comes into view. A life-size sculpture has taken up permanent residence high on the lighthouse gallery. The sculpture stands at 7ft (2.10m) and is designed to create a ghostly illusion, being made of shiny stainless steel it reflects natural light and gaps between the shapes allow wind to blow through, creating eerie sounds.
In the early 21st Century the beach and lighthouse were used in a Dulux paint advert, with the Old English Sheep Dog mascot, however the dilapidated state of the lighthouse begs the question - why didn't Dulux give it a coat of paint!

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