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Llanon, Ceredigion
The village of Llanon lies 5 miles north of Aberaeron and 11 miles south of Aberystwyth on the busy A487 in the county of Ceredigion, Mid Wales. It is part of the parish of Llansantffraed, which consists of three communities - Llanon, Llansantffraed and Nebo.
The settlements of Llanon, and Llansantffraed sit between the two rivers Afon Peris and Afon Cledan before they spill into Cardigan Bay. The name Llanon derives from St Non, mother of the patron saint of Wales, St David (Llanon meaning 'Church of Non').Nearby is Llansantffraed Church, a Grade II listed building. The church is dedicated to Saint Ffraed (known in English as St Bridget).
After St Patrick she is Ireland's Patron Saint. So what is the connection between this little Welsh village and Ireland Well the adoption of an Irish saint is probably due to the maritime links with Ireland that were possible through ship building along the Cardiganshire coast, indeed many ships were built here in the villages of Llansantffraed and Llanon.
The church is an impressive building, stained glass windows can be seen above the altar, depicting scenes of St Non and St David together, and the churchyard is a peaceful place, attracting an array of wildlife.
There is a footpath leading from the village down to the sea, where you can appreciate the magnificent views across the Bay of Cardigan. For the perfect break away, try staying at one of the self-catering cottages in Llanon, giving you the freedom of a place away but providing all the home comforts you need.
Llanon benefits from a Post Office, petrol station, Siloh Congregational Chapel, a traditional butchers shop, the White Swan Inn and the Central Hotel public house.
In the mid 19th Century many Welsh people emigrated to the USA and between 1818 and 1850 over 3,000 from the rural villages of central Ceredigion left Wales to settle in America.
Wending Our Way Back Home
There is a poignant story of a family from “Llannon Cardingshire” who emigrated to the USA in the 19th Century, that I include here. You might want to dispute whether the Llannon in question refers to Llanon Ceredigion or Llannon Carmarthenshire but I have opted for the Llanon in the historic county of Cardiganshire close to the port of Aberaeron from where many set sail to the USA.
“Many of the emigrants suffered greatly after reaching their journey's end and the story of one family from 'Llannon, Cardingshire', is an example of the poverty suffered by some emigrants. John and Mary Lloyd and their children emigrated in 1840 and they settled on fairly poor land in Cooper Hollow in the north of the township of Madison, Jackson County, Ohio. According to their grandson, Virgil H. Evans, they needed a cow to feed the children but they didn't have enough money to buy one. But John managed to arrange to pay $7 for a good cow from a neighbor from the money he was about to earn working on a new canal in Logan county. But John fell ill with the dysentery within days in Logan and his brother-in-law borrowed a two-wheel cart to take him home and he died the following day. Another child was born to Mary and John seven months later but it did not live long and a short while afterwards their two-year old became ill with children's paralysis. Mary didn't have to pay back the $7 to her neighbor after that. Even though her circumstances improved slightly after remarrying, she had quite a hard life and apparently she used to walk 15 miles from her home to Gallipolis with a basket of eggs on her head to sell in the market there when she was an old woman. She was 71 years old when she died.”

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