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Aberporth, Ceredigion
Aberporth is a small village that sits on the southern edge of Cardigan Bay in Ceredigion, West Wales. Indeed, the village is so small I couldn't find the shopping centre! But you don't visit Aberporth for the shopping, it's the fabulous beaches that attract the visitors to Aberporth.
Picture of Aberporth
The two beaches sit between the rocky headlands of Trecregyn and Fathgarreg and are separated by a smaller rocky outcrop, which also holds the car park and toilet facilities. (Parking was free when we visited in 2008).
The more southerly of the two beaches is the most popular for families and for sunbathing while the northern beach is popular for launching pleasure boats, including sailing boats, kayaks and canoes. Tractors are used to launch fishing boats from this beach which is why the south beach is more popular with families. But I have to say that the beach is so big that there is room for all.
When I last visited Aberporth the fishermen were busy unloading crate after crate of giant spider-crabs (well they looked big to me). It seems that spider-crabs are abundant in Cardigan Bay at the moment. Indeed the same fishermen set off again from Aberporth beach within the hour and returned within two hours with another full load of spider-crabs ...the Spanish will be eating well this year!
Ship Inn
Close to the beaches, behind the rocky outcrop, there is a small seaside cafe, a souvenir shop and a friendly pub for good food and drink.
But Aberporth has more to offer than its glorious beaches, being on the route of the Ceredigion Coastal Path, between the towns of Cardigan in the south and Llangrannog and New Quay to the north, it is a great base for exploring one of the best coastal paths in the UK.
The latest news of the coastal path is that it is soon to be part of the Wales Coastal Path, planned to be complete by 2012.

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