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Eardisley, Herefordshire
Eardisley is a village in Herefordshire, England. Nearby towns and villages include Upcott, Ailey, Willersley, Kinnersley and Winforton.
The Herefordshire trail passes through the village. The Herefordshire Trail runs for 154 miles and forms a circular tour of the county of Herefordshire. The River Wye runs less than 5km away from the village.
The village is also part of the "Black and white village trail", having many timber-framed buildings along its high street, with some timbers dating back to the 14th century.
The 12th century Eardisley parish church is dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene. Thousands of visitors come to Eardisley each year to see the Romanesque Font within the church. The carvings round the Font illustrate the saving of a sinner from the power of evil. A small figure is pursued by a lion representing evil and saved by a larger figure representing Christ, accompanied by the Holy Spirit shown as a dove sitting on His shoulder. Both the font and other stone carvings within the church are wonderful examples of the skills of stonemasons who worked in Herefordshire and the Welsh Borderlands in the first part of the 12th Century.

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