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Llangollen Parish Church, dedicated to Saint Collen, is located in Church Street, Llangollen in the county of Denbighshire, North Wales. The Church is the oldest established institution in Llangollen and has persisted continuously since the late 6th or early 7th Century. It was founded by St Collen from whom the town derives its name. There are two other churches dedicated to St Collen, one in Cornwall and the other in Brittany.

As with many of the old churches the church was renovated during Victorian times, and the church as it is now dates from 1863. The original stone walls are believed to be of Norman construction with later additions, and the carved oak roof / ceiling is probably its most interesting and beautiful feature. Thought to be of 15th century construction it was built by craftsmen under the guidance of the Abbot of the nearby Valle Crucis Abbey.

There are several other carvings to be found within the church believed to have come from the Abbey itself following the dissolution in 1536. Other items of interest include the stained glass windows and an Oak Chest dated 1748 with three keyholes.

St Collen’s Church is an Anglican Church in Wales establishment, and within the Parish there are two other churches, St John’s Church in Llangollen and Trevor Church at Trevor. The Church at Llantysilio is in it’s own parish and is looked after from Llangollen since the days when the Parish comprised of three districts.

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