Plas Newydd Burial Chamber, information and pictures of Plas Newydd Burial Chamber, Anglesey Wales
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Exit the A55 at Britannia Bridge, take A5 west to Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, take A4080 for 1.2 mile, [2km] to Plas Newydd

Plas Newydd Burial Chamber
The Plas Newydd Burial Chamber, or chambers to be exact, are located on the Plas Newydd Estate on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales. This part of the Estate is closed to the Public, but permission may be granted to view the stones. They may however also be seen in the distance from the entrance Car Park, but you might have to climb on the wooden gate to get a good view!
Plas Newydd Burial Chamber

The neolithic tomb is estimated to be of the 3rd Millenium BC. There are two elements to the tomb, either a chamber and passage or a chamber and side-chamber, without the evidence of excavation or the shape of the original cairn it is impossible to know. They would have originally been covered with earth, which has long been removed, but the main chamber is still impressive with a massive capstone measuring some 3.5m by 3m and a metre thick.
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