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All at sea and wondering where to go for the finest quality fish and seafood? Mermaid Seafoods in Llandudno, North Wales has, for nearly a quarter of a century, enjoyed an unassailable reputation for supplying the finest quality fish and seafood to wholesale and retail customers. Fresh or frozen, Mermaid receives deliveries daily in order to cater for the ever increasing demand for their fish, seafood and game products. At Mermaid Seafoods, in addition to domestic customers, discerning restaurateurs and hoteliers whose own reputation depends on the standard of the food they provide are drawn to the consistently high quality and range of choice on offer here. From white fish such as Haddock to the oil rich Cod, Lobster, Crab and the virtually fat free Prawns...healthy eating is always a ‘daily special’ on the menu when you visit Mermaid Seafoods. The versatility of fish and seafood is instanced by the ever increasing range of menu options and can be grilled, cooked, boiled or microwaved using recipes to suit your personal taste. Perennially popular is their locally caught lobster, cooked on the premises at Mermaid Seafoods and available to you the same day. For the taste of truly fresh fish and seafood, you must pay an early visit to Mermaid Seafoods. *Game, including pheasant and mallard, is also now available here at Mermaid Seafoods.
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