Pentrefoelas Conwy_County Wales
One misty morning, the son of Hafodgarreg was shepherding his father’s flock when he noticed a beautiful girl crying on the side of a peat-stack near to him. Realising she was in distress, he spoke kindly to her and she slowly stopped sobbing. Because she was so beautiful, he started using words of love towards her. Suddenly an old man appeared and as he seemed to be the father of the girl, he asked her to follow him and she immediately obliged. They left the young shepherd alone on the hill and he waited until evening for the girl to return, but he never saw her again that day. | Night after night the young man returned to the spot where he had met the beautiful girl. Little did he know that in a Fairy land above the earth, the girl planned a visit to him and she returned to the earth to see the young shepherd. But when her father started to miss her, he followed her to earth and discovered that his daughter and the shepherd were in love. The shepherd was in fact so in love with the girl that he begged her father to let him marry her. “Do you want a marry a man from the earth?” the old man asked his daughter. “Yes, I do,” she replied. The father consented to the marriage but said that the shepherd could have his daughter until he would strike her down with iron. Realising that that was the only way they could be married, the couple married one another. | They lived happily together for several years, even having children with one another. One day they both went up the hill to catch several ponies, all of which were wild. In his anger at being unable to catch them, the shepherd threw his iron bridle at them but unfortunately, the iron struck his wife instead. Remembering what her father had said, they both knew their marriage was ruined and the shepherd watched as the girl’s father, along with several Fairies, came to collect her. In a matter of minutes, she had gone, having not had enough time to even say goodbye. Devastated, the shepherd returned to his children, the only reminder of the Fairy he had once loved.
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