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Promenade Colwyn Bay Conwy_County Wales
The Victoria Pier, Colwyn Bay, projects into the Bay of Colwyn on the coast of North Wales. Colwyn Bay pier is 750 ft (227m) long, but sadly is no longer accessible to the general public. Once the jewel in the crown of a popular holiday resort sadly today it is nothing more than an eyesore. It's troubled recent history has culminated with bankruptcy for its owner Mr Stephen Hunt (now discharged) and court actions are continuing between Mr Hunt and Conwy County Council. A public meeting was held on 22 January 2010 and several hundred people attended. The majority supported proposals to help restore the pier to its former glory, but little was said at the meeting concerning the practicalities of cost and if indeed the structure of the pier is capable of being restored. Personally I believe everybody to be in denial about the true state of the pier structure.Colwyn Bay Pier 2011: | As of December 2011 the future of Colwyn Bay Pier remains in considerable doubt. The old pier still attracts visitors - photographers who wish to get a picture of a derelict old pier before it falls down (might be worth a few quid in the future as there are not many Victorian Piers remaining) – or else the BBC and ITV film crews for an occasional news item. | Surveyors visit to assess the structural integrity of the old building, followed by council officers to assess the risk to the public, followed by a visit from scaffolders to form a barricade to protect the public. | On and on it goes… | Mr Hunt (who once owned the pier – he might still own it for all I know) occasionally pays a visit – with a BBC or ITV film crew for either a news item or to declare the start, or end, of a hunger strike. | Bailiffs appear and stick notices on the front door. | Yes, the old pier still attracts visitors. | However, no one stops it falling to bits.
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