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Cwmdonkin Park is a beautiful park situated in the heart of the city of Swansea, South Wales. The park proved inspirational to the Welsh Poet Dylan Thomas.| The park was located so near to Dylan Thomas' house that "on summer evenings I could listen, in my bed, to the voices of other children playing ball", the park was Dylan's second home. As well as being Dylan's playground, it was also an important location and inspiration for much of his poetry and prose. The park is the setting of some of his best loved work, such as the short story 'Patricia, Edith and Arnold', and one of his most famous poems, 'The hunchback in the park'.| Many aspects of the park Dylan knew and loved remain; you can still see the "fountain basin where I sailed my ship" referred to in 'The hunchback in the park', and explore the park's "miniature woods and jungles".| The birthplace of Dylan Thomas is only a stone's throw away in Cwmdonkin drive. The park proved to be an important source of inspiration to the poet and featured in his work, including the radio broadcasts Return Journey and Reminiscences of Childhood, and, most famously, the poem 'The hunchback in the park'.| With the perfect blend of natural beauty and excellent facilities including a bowling green, children's play area, tennis court and walking trails, it's well worth a visit. The park also has a popular events programme taking place throughout the year in partnership with the Friends of Cwmdonkin Park.
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