Dolwyddelan Conwy_County Wales
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The Fairy Falls are to be found on the northern edge of the Wybrnant Valley in the Gwydyr Forest, Conwy County, North Wales. The Afon Wybrnant flows through the bluebell carpeted wooded grove, before the clear waters tumble between ferns and over emerald green moss covered boulders. Look closely at the un-retouched picture and you might see an ellyll or fairy dodging through the undergrowth. The Ellyllon (the plural of ellyll) are the Welsh faeries who haunt the groves and valleys, and correspond pretty closely with the English elves. Ellyllon have three passions: Toadstool mushrooms, silk, and human children. They are said to live on tiny islands and in the hilly parts of Wales, and are cattle-herders. But yes, they are tiny like one would think a faerie would be; they also have tiny cows! Unlike a lot of faeries that are said to steal children, ellyllon simply find them fascinating, and though they may steal children just because they like them so much, they don't do it to be mean or to steal their souls. Others believe that they are the souls of the ancient Druids, which, being too good for hell, and not good enough for heaven, are permitted to wander upon earth till the judgment day, when they will be admitted to a higher state of being.
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