Penmon Anglesey Wales
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Puffin Island (Ynys Seiriol in Welsh - Seiriol's Island - after the 6th Century Saint) is an uninhabited island off the eastern tip of Anglesey, North Wales. Puffin Island has steep cliffs on all sides and landing is prohibited. Saint Seiriol established a monastery on the island and on Penmon Point on the mainland opposite the island in the 6th century. Seiriol is said to have been buried on the island. The island is a Special Protection Area because of the Great Cormorants, Guillemots, Razorbills, Shags and Kittiwakes nesting on the island. The Puffins were common, with up to 2,000 pairs recorded until the introduction of rats to the island decimated the puffin population. Fortunately action by the Countryside Council for Wales appears to have eradicated them, and the Puffin population has shown an increase in later years. The waters around the island are popular for both fishing trips and boat trips to view the seal colony and birdlife. Most trips embark from the pier at the seaside resort of Beaumaris.
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