Welsh Uplands Llangelynin Conwy_County Wales
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Ffridd, or Coedcae, is a Welsh word used to describe the habitats present between the upland and lowland areas of Wales. It is a diverse mixture of grass, heath-land, rock outcrops with bracken, scrub (often hawthorn and gorse) and may also include flushes, mires, streams and standing water. It is common for cattle and sheep to graze the Ffridd. It supports a wide range of animals, in particular important bird and butterfly species. Due to its linear and often continuous nature it can form significant wildlife corridors for its associated species, especially birds. In North Wales "ffridd" usually refers to unenclosed land, whereas in south Wales it is generally enclosed. The term "Coedcae" is normally used in South Wales specifically to denote unenclosed ffridd.
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