Padarn Country Park Llanberis Gwynedd Wales
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Coed Dinorwig is a woodland located in the Padarn Country Park on the banks of Lake Padarn , Llanberis, North Wales. [Some say it has traditionally been known as Coed Allt Wen or more popularly Coed Chwarel] Coed Dinorwig is a nationally important Sessile Oak woodland and a remnant of the ancient Royal Forests of Gwynedd - where wild boar were once hunted. But today the boar would be quite safe as hunting is forbidden (with the exception of the feral goats)! The woodland rises to a height of 280m above sea level, and the steepness of the hillside and the shallow depth of soil combine to produce oak trees smaller than the norm. Another feature of Sessile Oak is the fact that its acorn grows directly onto the branch - it doesn't have a leg to stand on. The woodland contains a variety of species of trees and plants such as birch, holly, mountain ash, heather and gorse that combine to give a magical autumnal display of colour. Throughout the seasons the forest floor offers an array of colour from the bluebells in spring to the seemingly evergreen ferns lichens and mosses that are characteristic of this part of Wales. Together with the plant life the forest is also home to Wood Ants, the Speckled Wood Butterfly, and bird species including Lesser Spotted and Green Woodpeckers, Pied Fly Catcher, and Red Start. Follow the link below for a short walk that includes a trail through the Coed Dinorwig woodland.
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