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Broad Street Newtown Powys Wales
The Robert Owen Museum is in the Town Council building in the centre of Newtown. The Arts and Crafts style building was erected early in the 20th century, and was originally a Free Library and a meeting room. The Co-operative Union subscribed part of the cost, in memory of Robert Owen. The Museum is the only museum specifically devoted to Robert Owen. The bulk of the collection was acquired in the 1920s, some seventy years after his death. Most of the items are from Robert Owen\'s time and have a direct association with him. The Museum is intriguingly laid out in a domestic style, which suits the large numbers of pictures on display. Portraits of Robert Owen and prints of New Lanark are strongly represented. Also to be seen are mementoes of his birthplace, items from New Lanark, and various of Owen\'s belongings including a handsome bureau, and some fine busts. Robert Owen\'s story is told clearly on text panels in large type. Our Robert Owen video film can be viewed in the Museum. It runs for 23 minutes, and there is seating for up to ten people. Unusual items on display include a \'Silent Monitor\' from New Lanark, and a life mask of Robert Owen. The Museum has many of Robert Owen\'s letters.
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