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Clarence Street Cheltenham Gloucestershire England
Our collections include paintings, drawings, sculpture, archaeology, local and social history, and objects from all over the world. The Summerfield Galleries contain displays of paintings, furniture and everyday objects from the medieval period to the present day. What’s here: Local history- from Regency Cheltenham to Gloucestershire's aircraft pioneers. Edward Wilson- Cheltenham's own Antarctic explorer who died with Scott. Archaeology- from bronze age swords to Egyptian life. Summerfield galleries- a snapshot of life over 400 years, including fine furniture and an original sedan chair. Stunning paintings- spanning four centuries including Francesco Guardi and Stanley Spencer. Africa to Asia- unusual objects and everyday items collected by local people. Arts and Crafts Movement- nationally designated as an outstanding collection, from William Morris to Ernest Gimson, craft and design rooted in the Cotswolds.
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