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Aberystwyth Ceredigion Wales
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Aberystwyth is situated on the West Coast of Wales. The town nestles between three hills, and Aberystwyth Promenade bravely faces seaward in a colourful curved terrace of three and four storey Victorian hotels and boarding houses. The promenade offers a pleasant walk from the Castle headland through to the base of Constitution Hill, with the opportunity for a cup of tea or coffee and a snack al-fresco.In early 2014 Aberystwyth Promenade became national news headlines, with storms wrecking the promenade and causing many of the seafront hotels and guesthouses to be temporarily evacuated. Giant waves tore up the sea wall, the promenade, and the central beach kiosk - a listed building. Global Warming, Climate Change or just another storm? With the seafront hotels being literally a few yards from the seawall it is no surprise that they were under threat from a huge Atlantic swell when combined with westerly winds. I understand that the promenade suffered similar damage in 1938 and once in 76 years isn't too bad.
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