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. Llanwddyn Powys Wales
Lake Vyrnwy, Llyn Efyrnwy, is actually a reservoir for the City of Liverpool in the North West of England. In the late 19th Century the City fathers decided that they needed a reliable source of clean water and decided to buy the land for the lake. But to ensure the purity of the water they also purchased the surrounding 24,000 acre catchment area thus enabling them to enhance the great scenic beauty of the area. There was the small problem of the village of Llanwddyn smack in the middle of the proposed lake. But this was solved by promising to relocate the village to the land either side of the new Dam, and work began in 1881. On completion the lake covered an area of over 1,000 acres of land with a circumference of 11 miles. The lake was stocked in 1889 with Loch Leven trout. The fishing and other country sports continue to this day with the added options of adventure sports including canoeing, sailing and board sailing. There is also a dedicated RSPB reserve for those who are content with just looking at the wildlife, The RSPB nature reserve covers 16,000 acres with several bird hides around the lake, where several rare species of bird are known to be breeding.
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