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The Alwen Reservoir is a large artificial reservoir near Pentrellyncymer, in Wales. It was first built in 1920AD to supply large amount of water to Birkenhead, near Liverpool. A large water treatment facility was built below the dam, and a pipe to Birkenhead was built. The dam is a masonry arch gravity dam. The original water treatment buildings are still standing, but the equipment inside has long gone, replaced by modern standards in a new building. Today the dam was a scheme to teach children about the importance of water, and offers guided tours of the water treatment works to schools. Being close to recreational facilities at Pentrellyncymer which house such children of school trips, the centre teaches several children to that of a Key skills 2 standard. The reservoir is very close to Llyn Brenig, but being at the end of a valley. The reservoir has an extensive network of public foot paths as well as forest roads suitable for horse riding, mountain biking and walking. Fishing is permitted through permit (which can be purchased from the visitors centre at the nearby Llyn Brenig visitors centre).
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