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Llyn Eigiau is on the edge of the Carneddau mountains in Snowdonia. The name Eigiau is thought to refer to the shoals of fish which once lived here. It is one of the few lakes in Wales to have its own natural brown trout. In 1911 a dam ¾ mile long and 35 foot high was built across part of its eastern side to supply water for the power station at Dolgarrog. The original contractor pulled out of the construction, alleging corner cutting, and indeed on 2nd November 1925, following 26 inches of rain in just five days, the dam broke. The water flowed down to Coedty reservoir, also causing that to burst, and millions of gallons of water flowed down into the village of Dolgarrog, causing the loss of 17 lives. A new power station was built at Dolgarrog in 1925. Black & white silent film of the incident can be seen here. Today the lake covers an area of about 120 acres, and has a depth of about 32 foot. The main feeder of Llyn Eigiau is Afon Eigiau, a small river which flows down Cwm Eigiau. The outflow from Llyn Eigiau is called Afon Porth-llwyd which flows into the River Conwy.
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