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. Bala Gwynedd Wales
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Bala Lake (Welsh: Llyn Tegid) at 1,084 acres is Wales's largest natural lake and is arguably the most beautiful. It is of glacial origin and used to extend to some 8 miles long. It now measures 4 miles long by 1 mile wide. | Bala lake is crossed by the River Dee (Welsh: Afon Dyfrdwy), which enters the famously deep and clear waters at the south west of the lake, at Llanuwchllyn, and exits at the north west point close to Bala. | A number of companies provide kayaks, yachts and various other types of boats for rent to tourists. Llyn Tegid means Lake of Serenity and it is easy too see why after spending a day fishing there. The lake has abundant pike, European perch, trout and eel. Bala Lake is also home to the Gwyniad, a rare and protected whitefish of the salmon family which roams the deeps and was once unique to Bala Lake. | The gwyniad is now also to be found in the nearby Llyn Arenig Fawr, or at least the fish eggs are. The Countryside Council for Wales have placed fertilised eggs taken from gwyniad fish in Llyn Tegid and placed them in Llyn Arenig-Fawr where conditions are thought to be better for protecting the species in the long term. They are concerned that lake activities and the fluctuating lake levels were threatening the survival of Wales' rarest fish. | The lake is steeped in legend and besides rare fish the deep water of Llyn Tegid is also said to be home to a monster known affectionately as Teggie but as yet I don't think the Countryside Council for Wales have any plans to move either Teggie or his eggs to another lake. | The Bala Lake Railway, a narrow gauge steam engine that runs along the Southern shore of the lake is another popular attraction at Bala Lake, enabling the less energetic visitors among us to view the wonderful scenery. The town of Bala itself sits at the northern end of the lake and is an ideal holiday resort or as a holiday base for touring North Wales and the southern area of the Snowdonia National Park.
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