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Dinas Dinlle Gwynedd Wales
Dinas Dinlle hillfort stands overlooking the sea at Dinas Dinlle, Gwynedd, North Wales.| The hillfort is a roughly oval defended enclosure, set on the summit of a drumlin. It measures about 150m north-south by 110m and is defined by double ramparts with an intermediate ditch; there is an entrance in the south east. The enclosure has suffered considerable coastal erosion on the west side and from the beach below, the original ground surface beneath the Iron Age ramparts along with other details are clearly visible in the eroded cross-section. Within the eastern part of the interior are traces of circular or rectangular structures or enclosures, one being a possible sepulchral mound or alternatively a Roman pharos or lighthouse, similar to one to the north on Caer y Twr, Holyhead Mountain.| Casual finds, including Roman coins of A.D. 253 to 296, an intaglio and a sherd of black burnished ware of the second or third centuries, indicate occupation in the Roman period.
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