Crafnant Valley Trefriw Conwy_County Wales
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Klondyke Lead Mill is located in the Crafnant Valley, Trefriw, North Wales. The Mill is situated at the bottom of a gorge formed by the Afon Geirionydd. The Afon Geirionydd flows from Llyn Geirionydd and was used to power the Mill. Klondyke Mill is a large stone building, possibly the largest upstanding building associated with lead mining in Gwynedd. Although much of the building appears relatively stable the building is unsafe to enter. The mill was built in 1900 by the Welsh Crown Spelter Company in order to process mainly lead ore which had been extracted from the Pandora Mine complex, which was situated at the southern end of Llyn Geirionydd. The ore was transported along the side of the lake for some two miles on a tramway to a point on the hill above the mill, from where it was lowered to the mill via aerial cableway. The Pandora Mine was never profitable and ceased operation in 1905. The mill continued operating on a smaller scale until it's closure in 1911. The view of the Klondyke Lead Mill may be enjoyed while walking the Trefriw Lakes Trail.
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