Holy Island Holyhead Anglesey Wales
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The Ty Mawr Huts are on Holy Island, Anglesey to the west of Holyhead. Also known as the Cytau'r Gwyddelod, or Irish Huts. They are estimated to be settlements of the Iron Age and later, of the 1st millennium BC/AD. This is one of the best known of the early settlements on Anglesey. The remains consist of 10 large, round stone huts scattered along the hillside and interspersed with smaller rectangular buildings which are partly below ground. The round stone huts are about 7 m in diameter with thick, low walls. There is evidence of intermittent human occupation from the middle Stone Age, Neolithic, and Bronze Age, but the visible buildings in the eastern group belong to the iron age, and where used up to the 6th Century. Directions: In Holyhead take the South Stack road. There is a Car Park on the left .5 mile after a right hand turn.
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