The Vardre Deganwy Conwy_County Wales
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Cadw the Welsh heritage and conservation organisation have been carrying out works (2011)on the ruins of Degannwy Castle on the Vardre in Deganwy, North Wales. Work has been carried out to consolidate the remaining masonry and to improve access and information for visitors. <br><br> There isn't actually very much to consolidate as, although the castle played a key role in Welsh medieval history, the castle was destroyed and never rebuilt some 700 years ago. This section of restored wall sits on the north western tip of the summit.Locals are divided over the works with some arguing the importance to retain such an historic site while others complain that the cost, which includes delivery of materials by helicopter could be better used elsewhere. Personally I agree with Cadw that the site shoud be restored but having been a builder myself for 30 years I can not see the necessity for a helicopter. The Vardre is in no way comparable to Snowdon and a few fit men could quite easily have supplied materials to the site. <br><br> Although there may not be much of the castle remaining the site is of great historical importance and it is worth a visit for the views alone.
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