Llanbadrig Anglesey Wales
A later Prehistoric style walled fort of roughly 9.7ha occupies a blunt coastal promontory. The promontory is a craggy ridge or hill standing cliffgirt above the sea on four sides with its long south-western side separated from the mainland by a marshy valley. A tumbled stone block wall, backed by a broad quarry ditch, runs part way along the crest above the valley, its line continued by a run of crags at either end with a combined frontage of about 500m. There is what appears to be a walled annex below the north-western crags, although this may part of the main enclosure. There is a single entrance gap towards the eastern end, where an outer rampart or wall, branches out to run along the lower slopes to the west. Large parts of the interior are taken up by crags and rocks, although there are also more level areas suitable for settlement. The site has been much disturbed by China Stone quarries. No finds are known from the site. Forts such as this are generally assigned an Iron Age date although many continued in use and others were founded anew, throughout and beyond the Roman period.
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