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Pinsley Rd Leominster Herefordshire England
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Leominster’s historic Grange Court stands on the edge of the priory gardens in the town centre. But this was not always the case. This carved black and white timber building was formerly the Leominster Market Hall built in 1633 by the King's carpenter, John Abel. It was originally sited at The Buttercross, on the junction of High Street and Broad Street until in 1855 it was dismantled, moved and then rebuilt as a Victorian private residence in its present location. Today the building houses local authority offices. Grange Court is a Grade II* listed building that incorporates a 17th Century timber frame with Victorian additions and is a much-loved part of Leominster's heritage. Plans are afoot to dismantle the Victorian parts of the building but the is protesting these plans. 'The character of Grange Court is overwhelmingly that of a 19th Century gentlemen's residence, this character must be retained alongside the historic 1633 Market Hall.'
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