Llanddwyn Island Newborough Anglesey Wales
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Llanddwyn Island has the best exposures of Precambrian rocks in the southern block of Anglesey. This wall of sharp and jagged rocks is on the north edge of the Island. Probably the most dramatic and well known of the rocks on Llanddwyn are on the shoreline at the entrance to the island. They are a kilometre north along the shore from the car park in Newborough Warren. The rocks are basalt pillow lava of the Gwna Group, which erupted beneath the late Precambrian to early Cambrian sea. Erupting lava chilled quickly against the water with the blobs of lava expanding like a balloon to form the shape we know as pillow lava. In combination with the limestones and lavas, Llanddwyn Island is one of the most spectacular field localities in the UK. The rocks can explain the history and origin of the Earth.
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