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Bardsey Sound, Welsh: Swnt Enlli, is the stretch of water between the tip of the Llyn peninsula and Bardsey Island in North West Wales. Renowned for its treacherous waters it was nevertheless the route taken by thousands of pilgrims to the holy island of Bardsey. Many of the journeys were taken in medieval times and records are not available but, with reference to more recent times, a website lists 45 ships wrecked at or near Bardsey Sound between 1812 and 1914. ( ) | Today you can book a trip from Porth Meudwy, close to Aberdaron, on a regular basis. (See )Trips from Porth Meudwy depart at 10am, 11am and 12 noon, demand and weather permitting. The crossing to Bardsey takes about 20 minutes and the whole trip lasts about 4 hours. | Indeed these days some people treat the sound with such little respect that they dive deep into the waters of the sound. They park the boat alongside Carreg Ddu (the rocks in the middle of the sound) and hope it will still be there when they resurface!| But if your interest in Bardsey Sound is of a more practical nature ..that is you want to sail a boat through the sound then tide and times have to be taken into account. | I can’t help you in this respect but I include an extract from, and a link to, Pwllheli Sailing Club website for further information. “Now comes the sixty four thousand dollar question, when to go through(Bardsey Sound). This is very much guided by the weather, obviously if there is a strong wind and the likelihood of wind against tide then slack water is the only time when conditions should be reasonable, especially on the flood against a north westerly. However well you plan to be at the sound at slack water, in strong conditions the shoals round Bardsey will not be pleasant, the Tripods are particularly nasty and for a large area round them. However in moderate conditions and with the wind with the tide it is very useful to makes use of the extra speed over the ground. When going in a westerly direction there is a young flood from Cilan which starts flowing about one and a half hours before slack water………..”
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