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Irish Sea Cemaes Bay Anglesey Wales
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The Skerries are a group of rocky islets lying 3 km offshore from Carmel Head at the north west corner of Anglesey, North Wales. The islets cover a total area of about 17 hectares (42 acres) and are most well known for the Skerries Lighthouse that was established after 1716. The islands are important as a breeding site for sea-birds. The skerries are home to a vast number of arctic terns (with a smattering of common terns), oyster catchers, great black backed gulls, herring gulls, puffins, and a number of common seals. Boat trips are available to the skerries from several ports in Anglesey including Holyhead and Cemaes Bay...but don't forget your hard hat to protect you from the nesting birds!
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