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Llanlleiana Head is to be found between the coastal settlements of Cemaes to the west and Bull Bay to the east, and between the inlets of Hell's Mouth and Porth Llanlleiana on the north coast of Anglesey, North Wales. Llanlleiana Head is the second northernmost point of Wales [the northernmost point is the island of Middlemouse a short way off Llanlleiana Head]. The headland can be reached via the Anglesey Coastal Path, from Llanbadrig to the west or from Bull Bay to the east. It is a lovely walk but the steps on the hillside seem to have been made by a giant, well he had a much bigger stride than me! The headland is home to both the Dinas Gynfor Iron Age hill fort and a small lookout tower. To the west of the headland are: the remains of Llanlleiana porcelain works and chimney; Porth Llanlleiana a small harbour used to service the factory; and to the rear of the porcelain works are to be found some remains of St Ana's Church. Llanlleiana Head is worth a visit for both its historic associations and the beauty of the location.
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