Church St Llantwit Major Vale_of_Glamorgan Wales
The church, which was described in 1777 by John Wesley as “the most beautiful as well as the most spacious parish church in Wales” stands on the site of the church built here by St Illtud about the year 500, so that Christ has been worshipped here without a break for over 1500 years. To the school here came pupils from all over the country, from here went priests, such as St Paul Aurelian, Gildas, Malo and others, preaching the Gospel. When the Normans took over Llantwit Major, they rebuilt the Celtic church in stone and in the 13th century added the larger East Church. The importance of the church in the Celtic period is shown by the collection of carved stones in the west church. They name Saints Illtud and Samson, later abbots and two local kings, and suggest a school of masons here. The East Church is notable for its wall paintings, a remarkable Jesse Niche in stone, a 15th century reredos and a medieval mensa. Services are held every day. The church has an active team of bell ringers.
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