Llandrillo yn Rhos Colwyn Bay Conwy_County Wales
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Llandrillo-yn-Rhos church is dedicated to Saint Trillo who established his church, or llan, in the vicinity now known as Rhos on Sea. Llandrillo was originally the mother church of a large parish which included places as far apart as Eglwysbach and Eglwys Rhos (llan rhos). Where the first building stood is uncertain. One story says that it was erected a mile and a half to the east of Rhos Fynach on land now covered by the sea. The south aisle was built in the beginning of the sixteenth century, due to the beneficence of the 'Ladies Conwy'. The aisles are separated by four arches of the late Perpendicular period. Above the pillars are carved stone angels holding shields. They seem to have been removed from some other building and inserted as the stone has been chipped to make room for them. The porch and chancel appear to have been added after 1540 as the will of a Hugh Conway, a later occupant of the Llys Euryn site, left the money to construct them. The tower is so conspicuous that it seems to have been designed to serve as a look out. The top is 'stepped Irish fashion', and its design suggests secular use. The turret at the south west corner which goes by the name of the Rector's Chair, was intended to hold an iron basket containing combustibles to flare as a warning beacon should enemy ships be sighted. The Ancient Monuments Commisssion claimed that the tower is as old as the earliest part of the church, but another authority states that it was erected in 1552 through the generosity of the Conway family.<br><br> In 2012 the church was host to a memorial service for Harold Lowe, the 5th officer on the Titanic. Mr Lowe, who is buried at Saint Trillo's Church, was known as the hero of the Titanic as he was the only officer to return to search for survivors.
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