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Angle Pembrokeshire Wales
St Mary's Church stands in the main street in the village of Angle in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. The church is thought to have been built in the 13th or 14th Century, the tower added in the 15th Century, and restored again in the 19th Century. | Notable features today include a fine Norman font and its 19th Century stained glass windows. The north transept contains a fine old monument of the ancient families of Dawes and Ferrers who lived at Bangeston Castle. | The Seamen's Chapel lies in the medieval churchyard behind the church. It is dedicated to St Anthony and was founded by Edward de Shirburn, Knight of Nangle in AD 1447. There is an effigy, probably of de Shirburn to the left hand side of the doorway. Behind the altar there is a recently restored reredos depicting Christ on the Cross wearing His High Priestly Robes. | Underneath the chapel lies a crypt, which was used until the early 20th Century to house the many bodies washed ashore along the local coastline. The 19th Century Burial Register records many instances of the burial of unknown persons "drowned".| In the churchyard there is a medieval preaching cross, containing three steps, surmounted by a socket stone and a small modem cross with octagonal shaft and arms. | The churchyard contains the war graves of British airmen and sailors, several Canadian airmen, one Czech airman and a sapper. There is also an unmarked grave of a Japanese sailor drowned when his ship sank off West Angle Bay during the First World War. A substantial proportion of the graves are unmarked, indicative of the fact that the families concerned could not afford headstones.
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