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Llanrhwydrys Llanfairynghornwy Anglesey Wales
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Llanrhwydrys (St Rhwydrys) Church is part of the diocese of Bangor and the deanery of Llifon and Talybolion. It is situated on the north-western coast of Anglesey, North Wales, in the vicinity of Cemlyn Bay and Hen Borth. The Church was founded in the 6th century by St Rhwydrys and the present Church dates from the 12th century. St Rhwydrys church is one of the most isolated of Anglesey's churches but its proximity to the Anglesey Coastal Path has probably made it accessible to more visitors than ever in its long history. It is well worth the small diversion from the path and a visit to the churchyard may surprise the traveller with the size of the slate chest (or table) tombs. The number and size of them give the impression of dock-yard container units! Within the church is a small porch, nave, north chapel and chancel, overlooked by an interesting wooden gallery. The old church has undergone considerable renovation which while necessarily protecting the fabric of the building I think may have gone a bit too far. I might be alone in saying this but the new cut slates harm the character of the building and I believe Cadw would be well advised to specify replacing the roof covering of these ancient churches with more appropriate materials. The church is sometimes called Llanrhwydrus (St Rhwydrus) Church
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