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Aberystwyth Ceredigion Wales
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Aberystwyth Castle stands on a rocky promontory between the new marina and the town of Aberystwyth. Work on Aberystwyth Castle commenced in 1277 during King Edward I's first Welsh campaign, and was completed in 1289. (www.cadw.wales.gov.uk). It has a dry moat to the west and round towers to the inner and outer wards. There is an inner gate tower to the west with an outer gate beyond. The twin tower gateway has a pointed entrance, chase for portcullis, battlemented parapet, and splayed stair turret. There is a dungeon to the southwest and a mural tower on the south side of the inner ward. | Today, although much of the castle lies in ruins, the north tower gateway at Aberystwyth stands as an impressive reminder of one of the English King’s furthermost outposts. | The castle had a stormy history and indeed the Welsh briefly captured and burned it in 1282 before the castle had been completed. In 1294-95 the castle was subjected to a lengthy siege during the revolt of Madog ap Llywelyn. By 1307 a borough was thriving outside the castle walls in a town that was called Lanbadarn Gaerog. | During the Owain Glyndŵr rebellion in the early 15th Century the Welsh took possession of the castle, and by 1407 the castle was besieged by the English. After a long siege Aberystwyth Castle fell to the English on 23rd September 1408. | A Royal Mint was established by Thomas Bushell in the castle hall in 1637. The mint's operator raised a regiment of Royalist soldiers during the English Civil War. Oliver Cromwell slighted the castle in 1649.
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